K-Pop Music Culture: One Final Look

Image Source: beyondhallyu.com

Image Source: beyondhallyu.com

Reflecting on my previous accounts on the K-Pop culture, I have experienced a lot! I feel so engaged and in tune with K-Pop, that I kind of want to be the love interest in Super Junior’s new song. Looking back on my experience, I feel that I engaged with the notion of K-Pop music culture rather than just with the phenomenon itself. It has been so enjoyable, and its like I have been of a different world, that is so amazing.

As mentioned before, I am quite the music lover. I was only open to any genre, as long as it was danceable and had a decent beat. The idea of K-Pop becoming part of my iTune playlist, was never something I considered, prior to now. In fact, I didn’t even know K-Pop existed until starting this subject. I am constantly looking into the latest music (although I must admit its been predominantly Western music) and I’m always searching for something new and so good that it makes your ears melt, that many people may not be aware of at the time, which is EXACTLY what K-Pop encompasses. Even though K-Pop isn’t really a mainstream thing in Australia, I believe that enough people hear about, they may begin to appreciate and get involved with the excitement and vivaciousness of the genre. This was definitely the case with Psy’s 2012 SMASH ‘Gangnam Style’ which literally took over the world. Everybody, everywhere was singing ‘heeeeeeeeeey sexy lady’ and couldn’t get enough of the catchy dance moves. This happening can lead to so much potential for K-Pop to become a mainstream, global genre, and its really exciting.

After reflecting on the music I was exposed to (predominantly K-Pop boybands) along with the subcultures I have witnessed, I feel appreciative of this foreign culture and the influence that some parts of Western lifestyle (like the English language) play in the genre. Coming from a Macedonian background, I can somewhat connect to the differences in culture, which creates a deeper connection than I thought was possible. I have experienced an entirely new level of cultural identity and understanding, of which I am pretty thankful. This in turn, has created almost an epiphany within myself. It was so foreign, so strange, but it was right in front of me the whole time, even during the screening of Godzilla a few weeks. My instant connection with the Asian culture, and K-Pop in general, stems from my own background as a Macedonian living in Australia. I can connect with the differences and appreciate them more, because I am living it here in Australia, with my own cultural differences. I probably won’t partake in the K-Pop lifestyle myself, however it is so liberating seeing this in a world that is constricted in following the rules and social normalities.

The international bridges that K-Pop is trying to build is way too cool for words, and I really feel that it is such an important part of one society’s identity and cultural experience. I loved discovering every aspect of the phenomena, and maybe one day, it won’t seem so foreign for the Western world.


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