Learning time.


UOW Hope Theatre

The education aspect of university is just as important as the social. Within the University of Wollongong, there are  476 degrees on offer, and 1,874 subjects to choose from. Many of these classes and lectures take place within UOW’s Hope Theatre. This lecture room is the largest on campus and on a good day, has the potential to hold around 540 students. Throughout this hall, major learning takes place. With an included sound system, giant screen projector and the lecturers ability to see what every single student is doing, it’s a really great lerning environment. The chairs are comfortable, the swingable desks are efficient and the overall atmosphere is quite surreal. It is sometimes even compared to a concert space! And despite it’s size, the room is quite interactive, with lecturers walking up the stairs to get up close and personal with students who are seated higher up, (no matter how hard the students try to avoid it), allowing them to feel like more than just a number.



One thought on “Learning time.

  1. I really like the photograph which you have taken, the wide angle shot which you have used to emphasis its size is very effective and it is a unique photograph to look at. The caption is good, however, a quote or two from a student or academic on how difficult it is to teach or learn in there would have provided a much stronger sense of how large the theatre actually is. Overall it is quite well done.

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