Heart of UOW

UOW Quadrangle

UOW Quadrangle

The University of Wollongong’s campus stretches through a magnitude of bushland setting, tranquil nature features and modern infrastructure, which caters for an approximate of 30,008 students. Across the hospitable environment, the quadrangle is the heart of the university. Situated infront of the Michael Brit Library, the quadrangle is where many students spend some time on campus, between classes. With the addition of a cafè and outdoor seating, many students gather here to grab a bite with friends, study in the fresh air and generally ‘hang out’. Being one of the most popular spots at UOW, the quadrangle is constantly busy, with students also passing through to get from one side of the university, to the other. With environemntal scenery surrounding the quandrangle, and the unique wildlife that sometimes passes through, the view is not too bad at all.


2 thoughts on “Heart of UOW

  1. Great photo of what really is the ‘cbd’ of UOW. I love the way you have captured the busy nature of the environment, yet still shown its ability to be a tranquil place for some! Whilst the caption explains it’s significance, it would have been improved with some student quotes explaining why they think the quadrangle is so significant.. Great pic though

  2. This is so true, this area really is the basis for most action and you have done well to look outside the ordinary and see all of the different ways people use this space. To draw this together a quote or two would have been fantasitic, perhaps by a student or academic saying why they use this space. This is a highly informative photograph and is composed quite well, good work.

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